Dietary Requirements

I’m gluten-intolerant. Can I order your meals?

Many of our meals are naturally gluten-free. Our paleo and keto meals are always gluten-free. Keep an eye out for the allergens that are listed on each product. We do not operate a gluten-free kitchen so all meals may contain traces of gluten.

I’m pregnant. Can I order your meals?

That is totally your call! We’ve fed many happy, healthy bumps and mums-to-be. As long as you reheat the meals correctly there should be no safety issues, even with rice-based dishes as we cook everything fresh on the day.

Are your ingredients organic and free range?

We believe in sustainability and supporting local suppliers and businesses as much as possible. While our ingredients aren’t 100% certified organic, we only use free range chicken and eggs in our food.

How many people does a Gourmet Everyday meal feed?

Our Gourmet Everyday range is designed to feed one hungry adult. 


How do you cook it/reheat it?

You’ll find cooking and reheating instructions on the packaging of all our meals.

Our meals are already cooked and simply require being reheated once defrosted and this can be done in the microwave.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Absolutely! You can purchase gift vouchers right here on our website. The recipient can spend it all at once or across multiple visits, like a rolling credit. It’s a fantastic gift idea for new parents, family, friends going through a tough time or someone who just doesn’t like cooking!

Vouchers purchased online are delivered digitally by email to the purchaser and contain instructions for how to redeem them at checkout. You can then either print this voucher off to include in a physical gift card or forward to your recipient. 

Please note that all vouchers are issued with a 12-month expiry date.


What are your delivery zones?

We deliver across the North Island of New Zealand. Please note that delivery to rural addresses is not advised as our chilled packaging will only keep your meals cold for so long, and because we use third party couriers we cannot guarantee a delivery date.